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400+ searchable Demos!

Includes the following API Demos for Android

• API Demos – Graphics, Animations, Hardware, Views etc.
• Support Leanback Showcase Demos – Android TV
• Support Design Demos – Material: NavigationView, AppBar, Snackbar, FAB, TabLayout
• Support Percent Demos – PercentFragment: PercentFrameLayout, PercentRelativeLayout
• Support App Navigation – Activity, Action Bar, Notification
• Support v4 Demos – Fragments, Loaders Accessibility etc.
• Support v7 Demos – AppCompat, CardView, RecycleView, Casting with MediaRouter
• Support v13 Demos – Fragments, Pagers and Action Bar Tabs

• App Invite Demo – Invite others to test the app
• Mobile Vision Demos – Face Tracker, Multi-Tracker
• “Cheesesquare” Support Design demo by Chris Banes
• Easter eggs? see comments?

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Q: Samples -> Opened GitHub link do not return what I’m looking for?
A: The further down the rabbit hole you go (drill down), the chance to find something you are looking for decreases…
Why? The GitHub menu action will try to generate a direct url from “where you are” in the app to a corresponding GitHub page.
It’s done by trying to open a matching GitHub page based on the package name and the title for the samples you are looking at.
A match will open a direct link to the same position in the GitHub repository for this sample on GitHub.
No match on the generated url will instead return a GitHub search query url.
Why? instead of a 404 page you can still kind of find what you are looking for.
Tips: A good indication is the visible GitHub icon, it should give you the matching webpage,
except under “Search” it will always return a GitHub search query url.

#Drill down example result :
At: “API Demos/App”
-> package name is ‘com.examples.android.apis.app’
-> matching url will be [repo src folder url]/com/example/android/apis/app
-> match

But At: “API Demos/App/Activity”
-> package name: com.examples.android.apis.app.activity’
-> url: /com/example/android/apis/app/activity

Q: Search -> Opened GitHub link do not return what I’m looking for?
A: Right now this will only return java code result under GitHub: android/platform_development/samples.
Tips: To improve a match long click one of the list item first before you use this action.

Q: Where can I find the sample code included in this app?
A: The samples included in the app can all be found on GitHub:
Tips: use the GitHub icon in the app to open the corresponding GitHub page
Google samples can be found here https://github.com/googlesamples?query=android

Q: What is the purpose of this app?
A: The main goal has been to provide a option for developers to quickly lookup and run some of the various sample code for Android that is available on GitHub.
The benefit of this is that you don’t have to compile the sample code yourself just to see how it looks and behave.
And it gives the opportunity to see if there is something in the available samples you can use for your next or current project.
Tips: Test out the various samples just to get a better understanding of what can be done on Android, or just to give you some new ideas for your next app project;)

Q: Where is the guide? How to create every single sample?
A: There is no guide except for the Java doc and comments in the code for the sample on GitHub.
But some samples will have a link to a corresponding webpage with a guide, and the Change Log Dialog includes links that could help.
Tips: Official Android Training Page: Go to http://developer.android.com/training/ for guides on how to do all kind of cool stuff on Android.
Download the samples: http://developer.android.com/samples

Q: Some samples are crashing on my device?
A: There is no guarantee that all samples will work on every device
Tips: Please send a report if asked by the system, and use the Menu Action “Issues” to send a report.

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