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The most simple program to track breastfeeding. Breastfeeding App for breastfeeding mothers who want to track when and for how long their baby feeds, including a useful reminder for when a feed is due. It even tells you which breast to start on!

Breastfeeding – an application for young and modern moms, which allows you to:
– Remember what you last breast-fed baby;
– Record the time and duration of feedings;
– Keep a record of the child’s supplementary feeding with a mixture of mixed feeding;
– View daily, weekly and monthly summary reports of the child’s feeding.
– Keep a record of the child’s supplementary feeding mixture when mixed feeding;
– Keep a tracking record;
– Solid food;
– Different types of milk and bottles;
– With a handy widget on the desktop (available in full version), get quick access to the application to keep records of feedings.

Key features of the app:
– Consideration of breast-feedings (left, right) with one touch;
– Consideration of the duration of a child’s feeding;
– Consideration of bottle-feeding;
– Consideration of pumping;
– Pause during feedings (long click on the button);
– Displays the nursing status in the status bar (during feedings other applications can be used on Android);
– Consideration of feeding several children and twins;
– Editing added feedings;
– Feed reminders (setup in settings);
– Manual addition of feedings;
– Setting of maximum feeding time;
– Display the date in the 24-hour format or AM/PM;
– Start screen widgets (4×2, 2×1) for quick access to the application;
– Support milliliters and ounces to specify the amount of liquid in the bottle (set in settings);
– Fullscreen mode or folded;
– Lock screen off during feeding;
– Support for tablets (landscape or portrait);
– Export and import data;
– Automatic adjustment of brightness (at night the screen will not blind you).

With a convenient widget on your desktop (available in full version) you can get quick access to the application and feeding records.

Additional advantages of the full (paid) version of the application:
– Support for twins/multiple babies
– Desktop widget (4×2, 2×1)
– No ads
– Data export and import to and from csv (when changing phones, devices)

Be happy and help your baby to grow healthily!
To begin feeding the child, you need to click the button, and we will take care of everything else!

We are available to answer all of your questions, and are constantly working to improve the functionality of the application. If you make suggestions, we will implement them into the app.

App invites: give your friends 25% discount on full version and get 90% discount for yourself. Learn mode in the Invites menu in the app

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