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This service requires the purchase of a dedicated Car Link adapter.
* Website★ Why do you need Car Link?

* No more smartphone cradle!

– It is quite annoying to use Google Map or Waze on the small screen of your smartphone, isn’t it?
– It is also annoying that you can’t listen to the music played on your smartphone through the audio system in your car.
– It is too difficult and dangerous to manipulate your smartphone with such a small screen while you are driving your car.

★ Service Features

* You can use the functions of your smartphone through the car navigation system!

– You can see your smartphone navigation information on a wider screen!
– You can stream music with your smartphone and play it on your car audio system with better sound!
– You can control the navigation App from your smartphone on the touch screen of your car navigation system.

★ Smartphone models supported

* Car Link supports Samsung/LG/Pantech smartphones.

★ Precautions

Some models from Samsung/LG/Pantech may not be supported by this service. You can check whether your smartphone is supported or not on our website (
– A connection error may occur during use, depending on the wireless LAN environment.
– Long term use may cause a smartphone battery shortage. Please check your battery before use.
– In some Apps, the Fixed Landscape Mode function may not be supported.

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