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These innocent people have been killed and some of them transferred to the nearby town for the sake of their lives. There may be some hostages as well, this is your mission times slightly different than the previous ones, as you have to move carefully in the city you can find the enemy at any time. A major challenge bunch of enemy soldiers to kill your great commando skills. Escape to the city from the enemy and to rebuild their lives there. Kill the criminal army guards; give back to the people to emigrate to get ready hostages. If you succeed in your duty is! EPIC challenging missions Getting the most brutal army action in history between good and evil on your Android phone and join the Clash Of The tribes and the Empire Royale. Choose between Primal and secondary weapons wisely and after the incoming enemy wave. Show your anger at your enemies and eliminate them using your weapon like a sniper rifle furious and Ak-47 and the modern Four Power. Warzone is filled with Russian gangs. So be careful to strike at enemies. Take cover and reload your weapon to avoid their bullets or you will be dead.

Silent panic shooting scenes
The goals are very high profile, so change your coverage when your cover is compromised. Let them escape the war zone. To complete your mission, you have to kill them. After the fall of the Berlin Wall enemy has taken Normandy. They are inside the city walls. Salary compatible gorilla tactics to take back the city. Choose your primary and secondary weapons according to the mission. Earn credit through the task and upgrade your weapons to get more power. You Pvt. Jason will not stop at all costs until the enemy is complete. You have been training hard in any style of fight the experienced military commandos. Use your sniper commando to defeat enemies. Make them pay for their actions to you and to your motherland.
Commando in Real ACTION

Join the legendary DEATH shooter and not pity them. Take your revenge full advantage of them and become the most popular revenge for your country. Be the Hero of Normandy commando war and the most brutal and skilled army sniper by protecting your mail. Nothing is impossible, so the mission can not show your skills and ultra-hardcore.

Start sniper war and destroy them with your gun strike three headshots to kill them immediately. Press foz by the enemy to defeat them once and for all. You’re ready IGI commando strike at enemies everywhere. Being a lone wolf desert and make your strategy after the war plan and go Rouge against. Commando City War is a thrilling 3D shooting game.

• Difficult to master, but easy to understand
• A great FPS games
• Primal Target completion
• super stunning 3D graphics
• Over Beautiful city environment

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