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MiniMind is an educating tablet lock app, which gives your child an access to a tablet only after answering short quiz adapted to your kid’s age.

This way, it becomes a great motivation to learn! Once your child answers 3 questions correctly – he/she gets 30mins on a tablet. If he/she wants to earn more time, your kid needs to answer more questions. Each correctly answered question gives your child 10 minutes more on a tablet.

So as it is becoming harder and harder to keep 7-12-year-olds attention on learning tasks, let new knowledge always be at your child’s hand!


IT’S A GREAT WAY TO LEARN! We’ve worked with educators and children psychologists to make this quiz fun and enriching. Our design and the way questions are constructed help kids engage more and remember answers better.

IT’S REWARDING! We all like being rewarded, and so do kids! Minimind rewards children by giving them time on a tablet, so they are more motivated to answer questions correctly and feels good doing so.

IT TEACHES YOUR CHILD TO PLAN HIS/HER TIME! While kids are spending more and more time on devices and it is very easy to loose track of it, Minimind makes your child ‘earn’ time by solving educational tasks. This way your child perceives time more accurately, learns to plan it and appreciates it more.

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