Shadow Fighting Battle 3D APK

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The true Way of Ninja is the Way of Shadow! Hide in the darkness and strike from behind!

Be a ninja warrior avenging for his clan, fight against different powerful opponents, crush your enemies and have fun with Shadow Fighting Battle 3D!

Kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory! Use different fighting styles, earn points to raise up your fighting skills or buy new strikes and punches to ensure your victory on the battlefield!

Devastate your enemies without mercy as a real ninja! Attack from shadows, fight against mighty opponents and enjoy the atmosphere of the oriental action game with Shadow Fighting Battle 3D!

Shadow Fighting Battle 3D features:
Interesting and addictive gameplay
Highly detailed but Anime-like graphics
Customize your fighter with swords, nunchaku, armor suits, or buy new punches, kicks, and strikes
Wide range of ninja warriors to choose as your fighter
Simple and intuitive controls

Emerge from the shadows, strike like biting snake and be the winner at this endless Shadow War of ninja clans with Shadow Fighting Battle 3D!

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