Super Watch: Multiplayer Teams APK

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Build your team of heroes and participate in this third person Shooting Tournament with lots of adrenaline. You are an agent of the special Space Watch force, a fearless space watcher, and you will participate in an online contest on the SpaceWatch Space Station. Show your skills, win, collect medals and achievements. Choose one of the heroes: Gump, Strike, Lapse, Spok, Drak, Syri and Titan.

Team Mode:
Play with people online by participating in teams, you can play in 2×2, 3×3, and 4 vs 4 formation. You choose which battle to participate according to your mobile settings. The lower the number of users in battle, the better the performance. Whoever scores 25 points wins. They are two teams, blue and red.

All Mode:
Play with all the people in the world at the same time, it’s you and your skill. Win who first reach 10 points.

Duel Mode:
The Game will choose an online player to compete with you in real time on the space station.

Requirements for better performance:
Memory 2GB RAM
ANdroid from 4.0

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