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**Awards** From the award winning Sami Apps team (Academics Choice Smart Media 2016, 1st place in the International Children’s Communication Festival El Chupete, 2015 and Appszoom, best family and games apps of 2014), we present our Sleep Baby Owl white noise baby app.

White noise baby app for a safe baby sleep with the options to play quality baby sleep sounds and even record your own voice for individual baby lullabies.

Our Sleep Baby owl white noise helps your baby to relax, stop crying and sleep better thanks to our quality baby sleep sounds such as the ultrasound of the womb or the vacuum cleaner. The most used feature of our baby sleep app is the record your own voice function. Sing your baby’s favorite baby lullaby and it will get to sleep in no time. All tested and requested from you as parents.

Your baby will not take hours to go to sleep with those smooth sounds and will stay calm and be more relaxed.

What do you get in the Sleep Baby Owl White noise baby app?

– Many proven baby sounds / white noise sounds: smooth and very distinctive sounds to get your baby sleeping or relaxed in a short time
– Record your own voice to have your favorite baby lullabies always available for a sound baby sleep
– Timer to stop the sounds when needed, although scientific research shows that the white noise baby sounds help babies sleep better because their brain is not interrupted by other sounds

White Noise generates sounds over a wide range of frequencies, masking those noise interruptions, so your infant can not only fall asleep, but also stay asleep.

A selection of our baby sleep sounds:

– Heartbeat or womb
– Vacuum cleaner
– Birds singing, rainforest and other nature sounds
– Water dropping and wave sounds
– and don’t forget – you can sing yourself a baby lullaby for the perfect baby sleep sound

Don’t hesitate! Download the Must-Have White noise baby / sleep baby app to relax your baby sleep.

We highly recommend not putting the phone too close to the baby, turn on Airplane mode as well as mute alerts during the entire use of this baby sleep sound app.

Our work is guaranteed by quality seals and our expertise is in developing educational apps for children. Parents can also find educational pedagogical information with explanations, suggestions and tips for working with your children at home.

Don’t hesitate! Download the Must-Have White noise baby / baby sleep app!

We want to hear your feedback! Please send us your suggestions and other feedback regarding our white noise baby app for a safe baby sleep. Missing a baby sleep sound? Want to add your own personal baby lullaby? Please e-mail us directly to android@samiapps.com.

Positive reviews and ratings keep the free updates coming!

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