Top Best Bar Code Scanner N Reader

Get relax with the scanning and reader work because we collected the best bar code scanner n reader only on your smart phones.

A barcode onlooker may be an electronic gadget that could peruse and yield printed barcodes on a workstation. Like a flatbed scanner, it comprises of a light source, a lens also a light sensor translating optical impulses under electrical ones.

The technology has upgraded so fast that the scanner has increaser their types with specific function for the easiness of human life such as Pen type scanners, Laser Scanners, CCD reader (also known as LED scanners), Omni directional Barcode Scanners, Cell phone camera and most running these days with easy to carry is the Smart phone bar code scanner and reader apps.

We collect some best bar code reader and scanner for your smart phone so you has no need to take any other extra machine for your scanning at work, all of the work is been done by only with your personal smart phones with the help of apps installed in it.


Lyknee is a barcode reader application which changes the smart phone and tablets in to a premium level of barcode scanner.

You can scan a QR code, Data matrix and consumer product barcodes (EAN/UPC) in realtime and for a multitude of 2D code type: URL, Geolocation, Product, VCard, Me card, SMS, Phone Number, Authentication, Text, Mail, Bookmarks and much more possibilities.

This application offers you a whole bunch of interesting new features and improvement option which help you to decide the internet browser, face book, and twitter login, QR Generator, product scarce engine, key tags, faster and real time scanning so no need of snap a photo. The history, price and satisfaction comparator with mainly on non food products so download and connect yourself with this update technology and bee the part of today world.

Lynkee current version for Android Varies with device and current app version Varies with device.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


UpCode is an optical bar code scanner application which turned your smart phone camera function in to a bar code scanned program.

Which support the device to get the 2DBidi and 1D (Data matrix / QR /Ean 8 & 13) bar codes result.

This application is designed to use lighter, faster and easier for the user along with the mobile access and interaction MAI technology and this technology includes all the multi functionality such as reading and scanning technologies.

There is a history part in this application where you get the total scanned code of bar till today to recall if their some missed to be scanned.

UpCode current version 4.0 is compatible with the iOS 10.3 or latest and for Android Varies with device with current app version Varies with device.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Developer: UPC Consulting Ltd
Price: Free

QR Droid Code Scanner:

QR Droid Code Scanner is the data matrix and barcode scanning utility application which helps you to improve to create share and use of data in matter of taps. The QR Droid Code Scanner intuitive and aesthetically more pleasing UI and easily scan and create QR Code where you can edit the code and scan it.

Amazon Store location bug fixed to ensure relevant store will appear wherever you are and Sort and group your history to help you quickly access your mostused QR Codes.

USSD codes are never opened automatically; preventing remote wipe attacks of your device and with the help of QR Droid Code Scanner and you can add QR Droid Widgets free to help you get the most from QR Droid. Install a widget on your Android homepage to take you directly into the specific part of the app you use most: create business cards, history, bookmarks and others.

QR Droid Code Scanner current version for Android 2.0 or above with current app version 6.8

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Norton Snap QR code reader:

Norton Snap QR code reader the best protector against dangerous QR codes which helps the user to scan and detect malicious QR codes with the first time scan and block the dangerous QR codes and in against to protect the data as a secure mode. Norton Snap QR code reader gets information about products or services and to take advantage of incentives and special deals.

This application has a automatically scan QR codes and checks to see if they’re safe which Identify safe websites. Blocks malicious sites before they load on your mobile device and helps to view the final destination of QR code in linked, also help not just shorter the address but show the entry to know you that where it really goes.

This application tells you the actual glance of the site whether it is safe or potentially dangerous and indicates you that should be avoided completely.

Norton Snap QR code reader current version 1.6.21 is compatible with the iOS 4.3 or latest and for Android 4.0.3 or above with current app version

Norton Snap qr code reader
Norton Snap qr code reader
Developer: NortonMobile
Price: Free
Norton Snap QR Code Reader
Norton Snap QR Code Reader
Price: Free

QR Reader for iPhone:

QR Reader for iPhone app need gotten superior Also finer with time! Codes read for an instant, and the Sudoku characteristic may be super cool. Those barcode scanner characteristic may be exceptionally of service with analyze prices, despite the fact that those “buy” buttons with respect to every item often need aid joins on purchase the thing in mass.

Best function and features of QR Reader for iPhone

Code Scanner – scans QR codes & bar codes

PDF Scanner – turns your iPhone into a digital scanner

Business Card Scanner – scans business contacts

Puzzle Scanner – scan and play puzzles

Database Scanner – send bar codes to a server/API

NFC Scanner (Only available on iPhone7, iPhone7S, iPhone8)

Browse products, deals & coupons

Auto-detect scanning. Simply point & hold!

Share using email, messenger, Face book or Twitter.

Create your own QR codes

Approve websites before visiting them.

Export your scans by CSV.

QR Reader for iPhone current version 6.0 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner: 

Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner is super quick & safe QR scanner, standardized identification onlooker & QR code onlooker for Android Furthermore iPhone filters all QR code & barcodes, it Verwoerd straightforward & simple to utilize.

Features of our QR Scanner (QR Code Reader):

  • All-in-one scanner & reader app: scans all standard 1D and 2D code types (including almost all QR code & barcodes)
  • Simple & easy to Use
  • Instant scan
  • Internet connection is not required for scanning QR code or barcodes
  • Flashlight supported
  • Scan history saved

Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner current version 0.13 is compatible with the iOS 7.0 or above and current Android 4.0.3 or above is supported with app version 0.76

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Quick Scan – QR Code Reader:

Quick Scan – QR Code Reader is fast examine serves you examine and decipher every last one of QR codes around you, including contact, detail, plain text, website URL, phone number, SMS message, email address, email message, logbook event, areas Also All the more. It will be transforming your life towards a less demanding Furthermore that’s only the tip of the iceberg helpful route.

To examine a QR code or barcode basically open the app, side of the point those Polaroid at those code, and you’re done! There is no compelling reason will make a photograph alternately press a catch. The app will naturally remember whatever code your Polaroid will be pointing toward.

When filtering An QR code, though the code holds An website URL, you will naturally a chance to be made of the site. On the code only holds text, you’ll promptly see it. To different formats for example, telephone numbers, email addresses, or contact info, you will be incited on make the proper movement.

QR code onlooker will be the speediest Also mossy cup oak easy to understand QR code scanner accessible. Assuming that your iPhone, iPad, alternately iPod originated with a inherent scanner, this might be it.

Fast furthermore thick, as dependable. I’d provide for it six stars on it were workable.

No ads, delightful design, Furthermore actually got blurry QR codes i didn’t hope it with examine.

Specific Features:

Fastest QR Code and Data Matrix scanning

Auto decode all types of QR codes: contact details, plain text,

Website URL, telephone number, SMS message, email address, email

Message, calendar event, locations…

Scan Bar codes & QR codes from photos in your Photo Roll

Perform all the actions related to the QR code without quitting the app

Add contacts directly into address book

Open web links and map locations directly in the app

Embedded SMS and Email sending

Add new events to iCal in the app

Unlimited storage for scan history

Save useful and favorite QR codes for future reference

Share by mail and text message.

Quick Scan – QR Code Reader current version 1.7 is compatible with the iOS 7.0 or above and current Android 2.3.3 or above is supported with app version 2.3

QR Code Reader
QR Code Reader
Developer: Scan
Price: Free
QR Code Reader by Scan
QR Code Reader by Scan
Price: Free



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