Best Brain Training Apps In 2019

The brain is the main part of the living organism which observes, operate, cooperate and update the whole body to the Mother Nature. As per the life is start the brain trained the body to dissolve with nature.

Brain Training In 2018

Brain training is an important part these days as life is very busy and less time in 24 hours to see the nature. So there are few games which help to train your brain to survive these techno worlds. These games are played in your smart gadgets at any time any where you are free.

The best game of this year is Lumosity which is good to train your brain skills and has an alternatives app so you can get the more idea to polish your skills.


is a brain training education game which increases the health level of the brain as it increase the ability of a human brain.

This games has been tested over 85 million of people around the world.

Lumosity keep challenging your brain with cognitive games where you get the daily workout to your brain with the 30+ exciting games.

It helps you to train your memory and help you to focus your direction or attention towards it.

You can track your scores and see how you compare with the world by speed, memory, attention, flexibility, problem solving, over all LPI.

So built your brain training habit and note it in your Training Calendar days wise as when at what score you play the game.

Lumosity current version 9.23 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or latest and for Android Varies with device with app version Varies with device.


Fit Brains Trainer:

Fit Brains Trainer is a train your brain with science based game application where your brain is daily get training sessions customized for you by the developers in program. As the research results came out recent studies reveal the importance of exercising your brain where the Western World’s average IQ has dropped significantly and the average person forgets 4 things every day.A goldfish has a longer attention span than the average American.

Fit Brains Trainer helps us to uses an innovative adaptive learning system to scale and measures your cognitive performances across 5 major brain areas.

Health benefit in Fit Brains Trainer are as follows:

Improve Memory and Recognition, Deep Concentration, Increase Attention Span, Smart & Quick Thinking, Stronger Problem Solving, Improve HandEye Coordination, Faster Reaction Speed, Positive Mood Changes.

Fit Brains Trainer current version for Android Varies with device and current app Varies with device and for Windows Phone Version 8.1 available.

Peak – Brain Training:

Peak – Brain Training is the education brain game apps which provide the best 35 Brain games in Android and 40 in iOS over all and give your brain a memory challenge and essential increase the skill of your brain.

As you play daily you will see the improvement evolution score and noted your delft the increasing or decreasing of your brain skill.

This application provide the personal trainer coach for your brain who tells your Perilous Path, must sort and Castle Block like game should you play to recover your brain exercise.

Peak gives you the challenge Memory and essential skills and exercises your focus to language and more where you can floolw your proogress that at what percentage you start and now where your brain skill stands.

Peak – Brain Training current version 4.7 is compatible with the iOS 10.0 or latest and for Android 4.1.or above with current app version 1.0


Elevate is the unique and highly recognized by the user brain which is announced as the Apple App of the year.

It has daily game workout to brain and creates the train critical skills to the user brain. This app helps the human brain to improve their comprehension, focus on target and many more things which help you to learn from Elevate.

This program has also built in training workout brain chart where it helps you to improve by showing the daily progress of your brain with the ranking categories of Listening, Writing, Speaking, Math’s, and Average.

Elevate has the 40+ brain games for critical cognitive skills like focus, memory, processing, math, precision, and comprehension.

This application helps you to personalized daily workouts that include the skills you need mostly. There is a workout calendar which helps you to track your streaks and stay motivated.

Elevate version 4.8.1 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or latest and for Android 4.1 or above with current app version 4.8


Happify is the one of the best brain training app which get rid of stress and worry comes in human lives and make to solve all the problem in a simple way as there was no problem.

This app has the science based activities and games to elevate applies and choose a personalized happiness track created by expert.

Happify reduce stress and anxiety through guided relaxation and mediation. The gain insights & track your progress over time and train your brain to overcome negative thoughts.

Happify current version 2.5.0 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above and current Android 4.4 or above is supported with app version 1.18.2



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