5 Best iOS Alarm Clock Apps in 2019

Alarm is the set of time who has been advised to managed and made sound to a specific occasion, reason or time period, used to wake someone up. let’s check out these Best iOS Alarm Clock Apps in 2019

Best iOS Alarm Clock Apps

FreakyAlarm FreakyAlarm:

FreakyAlarm the best way to refresh the day with the puzzle alarm that wakes your brain with logic games and forces you to get out of bed. This app reminds you to know for reason you need to wake up and for that you need to scan bar codes or photos to update the Alarm.

The alarm is continuously ringing instill and unless you solve the logic games to turn off the alarm.

You can scan predetermined objects around your house to turn off the alarm where you can capture the Product codes or QR codes to match the photographed.

FreakyAlarm helps you to track your path to recovery your statistics, Badges and performance Monitoring. You can also share your daily wakeup record to your friend and family and tell them your performances.

FreakyAlarm is your wakeup manager which starts at your managed time to wake up, Get up and don’t try to resist. It provide the best feature such as Alarm voice, Your Music, Nightstand Clock, Themes, Insistent Notifications, Volume Control, Widget and many more.

So let connect your smart gadget with FreakyAlarm.

FreakyAlarm current version 3.1.7 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above.

Sleep Time:

Sleep Time it the cycle of time to indicate in smart way to Alarm the alert to wake up and it also works as Alarm clock Tracker and Insights analysis for better sounds cape.

This app helps you to start the day with your way and analyze your sleep cycles. Sleep Time help you the fall asleep to nature’s sounds such as Amazon nights, ocean waves, gentle waves, Rain forest storm or you can select from playlist where sound escape will play music from your custom playlist.

You can review your long term Trends of insights sleep duration which will let you know that for how many hours you sleep and awaked.

Sleep Time Best Features:

  • Set the alarm clock with a single gesture.
  • Alarm rings even in silent mode.
  • Choose from any of our 20 built in alarms.
  • Sleep Lab™ with sleep cycle analysis.
  • Advanced wake-up optimization algorithm.
  • Full history and graphs make comparison easy.
  • No glasses needed for our easy to read interface.

Sleep better with a workout plan in the premium HD edition and have fun.

Sleep Time current version 5.28 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above.

Alarm Clock HD:

Alarm Clock HD is the update version of Alarm clock in your smart gadget where you wake up your way at your batter time you need to be.

This Alarm clock HD app shows the date time month year and the weather temperature along with the battery left in your smart device.

This app cover the full screen and show all these details in green slow light which make it more techno world type of display.

There are all type of sound & music available at this app which match any type of person and also you can customize the alarm sound with your personal music play list which makes you better to wake up with a good smile.

The developer has design this app that fully match your smart gatdet with up to date such as this app has the light up your night with flash light features and personalize your clock with millions of colors to make you get more interest in it.

So just remember a good morning starts with News & weather with beautiful sound is only provided by Alarm Clock HD.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Alarm Clock HD current version 4.0.1 is compatible with the iOS 10.0 or above.


SpeakToSnooze is the iphone perfect alarm clock which conveys all features of device and adjust with this app. This smart app has the function of voice control where a user can give commands to snooze and turn off the alarm.

Their app is so smart that if you snooze alarm than it will say no problem i will wake you up later and you apply more command by using your voice to command this app installed at your smart gadget and it is very useful function which help you to ask many thing just like you are talking to a alive person.

Some voice commands:

What time is it?

Set alarm for 8:00

Let me know the date today.

How many holiday are available in this month.

Turn on the Flash light.

These some interesting and useful command are mostly used in our daily life, So you can never be late again and set a time when you can’t snooze any more so you will know the optimum time to wake up.

With SpeakToSnooze get motivated to wake up and get the fun voice like Mr. Bond that motivate you to get up if you keep snoozing.

Have a nice wake up!!!!!

SpeakToSnooze current version 4.8 is compatible with the iOS 7.0 or above.

Rise Alarm Clock:

Rise Alarm Clock is a simple smart and perfect match with the smart gadget like iPhone and it is developed by Kellen Styler.

This app cost only 1.99 US$ and make your alarm feature more attractive and fun. This app has quick alarm retro digital setup your reminder routine timing where you set time for morning wakeup, GYM time, lunch time, dinner time, weekend plan reminder and many other things which help you to keep update.

Rise Alarm Clock has the best easy morning, waking dream, calm rise, first light and retro digital type of sound which are the best to make your wakeup good with smile and if you don’t like this app than you can customize the alarm tune with your iTunes songs if your selection.

Rise Alarm Clock is updated and fixed the snooze alarm when it get off before alarm time for the next day and made something expensive soap out of medical waste such as workout function.

Rise Alarm Clock current version 5.8.2 is compatible with the iOS 10.2 or above.



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