Best Weight Loss Apps In 2019

People are always making their life in a complication where they do such a things they need to be changed to fit the environment and are more conscious with their body, some are fat need loose and some are thin want to gain the weight.

It unintentionally occurs in weight loss with the malnourishment, underlying, arises from a conscious or other efforts to improve an actual or you can say that it is perceived overweight in an obese state. This Miss conscious make them confuse throughout their life and for that, the developer has designed such an application for their smart device so they can carry their own schedule in their pocket anytime anywhere they are. Let’s Check Out these best  Weight Loss Apps In 2019

Best Weight Loss Apps

Lose It:

Lose It

Lose It is one of the best apps which help you to track your food to eat at your current weight status. This app is very simple as you see it and lose it. This app has the function to search the food by scan live of took benefit from the snapshot.

Just search the food you want to eat and wait for the software to verify that you can eat it or not by calculating with your weight loose chart data, if the system says that you can have it then snap it.

Lose It help you to track not just calories but it is more than just calories where it shows the accurate chart of Protein in purple color, Crabs in sea green and Fats in orange color. And your choices today create will get the result tomorrow.

More than 50 million people has lose their weight once and for all and you will be  the next to joint them in a professional manner so be healthy be Lose It

Lose It current version 9.1.14 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above and current Android Varies with device is supported with app version Varies with device.



Fooducate is your personal Coach who help you to lose weight in a proper way with step by step that the result is definitely positive.

This app help you to achieve your diet goals that you know the exact weight you lose and how much you want to because it is very important that you should know that the balance of your body is on your weight if you lose more weight then it will harmful for your health. Fooducate makes a schedule list of you food items that as per your current weight what type of food you should eat now and make a progress to your goal.

The developer has design this app in a smart quoting that this app itself help you to track food to match your health and exercise timing very easily.


  1. Get recommendations for healthy foods based on what you currently eat
  2. Track your food and exercise
  3. Get answers and motivation from the community
  4. Track your own foods and recipes
  5. Track the quality of calories, not just quantity
  6. Share your tips and success to motivate others
  7. Over 250,000 UNIQUE products are graded just for you (A, B, C, or D)

So go and get the motivated for other with Fooducate.

Fooducate current version 6.2 is compatible with the iOS 7.0 or above and current Android Varies with device is supported with app version Varies with device.

Calorie Counter:

Calorie Counter

Calorie Counter is your personal net diary where you record your daily food diet and make yourself as much as healthy because there is nothing then a good health and most important that you carry this diary in your pocket through your smart gadgets.

This app helps you to lose weight and eat healthy with a free pocket coach that guides you with motivation and supports.

It starts with the weight loss plan you can stick with and get the recommendations. So find the food instantly in the huge database with barcode scanner.

Calorie Counter is the effective diet, Proven and weight loss application provided in your smart portable gadget with a best scientific countless success story.

This app starts with a simple plan which you can stick to and help to make better food choices with motivate and guides.

It has the fastest tracking system which takes only minutes from your day and provides you amazing food database plus barcodes and a magic smile.

We can say that Calorie Counter is simple but powerful app which gives a pleasure to use every day in extra help and motivation from friends and community. To achieve your goals without the struggle you need to follow all the instruction which this app provide you in daily bases and help you to lose weight for good in a healthy sustainable way.

Calorie Counter current version 5.45 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or above and current Android 4.0 or above is supported with app version 6.0.1

Calorie Counter by FatSecret:

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is your secret app who knows your real health and your diet plan which is totally secure with you only. This app provides you to choose the best floor for you by scanning the product barcode or the live camera shoot or the pic taken from the social network.

This app gives you the beat daily time to time schedules where you are clear to know your entire daily diet plan.

In this app, you will also know the calories which you have to burn for the whole week and the macros and nutrients details are also available in your weekly chart which is maintained for a long time period. You can SYNC or link your data to other Apps and devices such as Fit bit and a Health app.

Please follow this simple way to lose your harmful calories with Calorie Counter by FatSecret

1) An intuitive food diary to plan and keep track of what you’re eating.

2) A journal to record your thoughts and feelings.

3) Google Fit and Fitbit exercise tracking integration.

4) A diet calendar to see your calories consumed and burned.

5) Fantastic recipes and meal ideas.

6) A wonderful community that’s ready to support you and turbocharger your weight loss.

7) A barcode scanner and auto-complete functions.

8) A weight tracker to record your weight loss progress.

9) Detailed reporting and goals for all your calories, macros and nutrients, including by food and meals.

10) Image recognition of foods and meals so you can use the camera and take photos to track your nutrition with pictures.

11) Sharing and interacting with your professional of choice.

12) An exercise diary to record all the calories you burn.

13) A photo album with Photo diet, Food snap and Instep calorie.

14) Face book and Google login.

15) Sync your account online to access your info anywhere, any time.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret current version 7.5 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or above and current Android Varies with device is supported with app version Varies with device.

My Diet Coach:

My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach is your personal coach who helps you to lose weight and give you the healthy and fitness body.

The coaches starts with drink more water and earned 21 HH points and help you to know that how much and what type of food would be placed in your plate and make your weight loss fun and effective by setting and tracking your daily challenges.

It is the visual weight tracker where you see your lost weight in drop off and accumulated. My Diet Coach is one of the smart app for your smart gadgets where it provide your tips for every kind of challenge such as food cravings, eating out, motivation fades, vacation, craving sweets, family meal, food temptation, shopping and many more.

You coach will remind you to help by stay motivated, change your eating habits and get into a routine. This app create your motivation photo where you will see that after follow your coach guidance you will be losing such weight that you look like the photo in future.

This Diet Coach Provide You To

  • Set your goal which will help you to achieve it.
  • Track your progress with new visual weight tracker and see your lost weight In Drop off Chart.
  • Get reminders of what’s important in your goal, motivational photos and fitness class.
  • Take up small healthy lifestyle changes to your body that you’ll never forget to drink water again.
  • Boost your weight loss motivation with Diet Coach inspiring tips and quotes.
  • Be rewarded for your success and have lots of fun, super & motivating especially for Females.
  • Diet Coach is FREE of cost so enjoy your body.

My Diet Coach current version 8.5.0 is compatible with the iOS 10.0 or above and current Android Varies with device is supported with app version Varies with device.



Fitbit is a professional sports program where you get full specific of how to get the perfect diet in your daily exercise routine life.

Fitbit is connected to the portable device also which tells you in a smart way that how much you walk and run with its accurate miles calculation along with the time duration with its impressive display.

This app helps you to know yourself that which type of workout will get you more fitness such as core crush, Muscle Mix, Abs for 10 minutes, Total body and many more exciting tips.

Fitbit is the total controller of your schedule maintainer where it observes all the activities done by you in the daytime as well as night time. It also tells you the sleep timing from what time you need to sleep and the wake-up time along with the food diet is also maintained in this best smart app. At the end of the week, you will get the perfect results of your body and you feel it as same.

Small Tips to use this app:

Use GPS to track your RUNS, WALKS & HIKES

LOG ACTIVITIES like YOGA and WORKOUTS to keep you on track

LOG FOOD to see how many CALORIES you consume each day, and manage your WEIGHT over time

COMPETE with FRIENDS with daily or weekly CHALLENGES and compare stats

ALL DAY HEART RATE TRACKING with Fitbit Surge and Charge HR

Mobile Track is supported for Pixel, Pixel XL, and Samsung Galaxy S8 in Fitbit with new features.

Fitbit current version 2.43.1 is compatible with the iOS 9.0 or above and current Android Varies with a device is supported with app version Varies with device.



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