CELEBALIKE Has Alternative Apps

This app is about the personality of a famous person you look a like. There are 7 type of person around the world who look like same as twins but they are very much far from every aspects. This app shows that how much you look a like to the famous person in percentage result which make you proud and you do the same things to make a world a better place.


is an interesting application which tells you that how you look alike Celebratory and it shows the actual figure more than 50% correct. This app shows the every details of your famous celebrity and checks each with actual figure.

The facial technology developed by the first creates perfect profile of the face and scanning its unique database that makes a moment containing the pictures of only three hundreds celebrities.

There is more alike application which is alternative to this application.

Celebalike current Android 5.0 or above is supported with app version 4.0



Celebtwin is Celebrity Looks Like application which makes you look alike superstar which you cannot imagine. It can be famous actor politician Soldier athlete writer musician model singer or any other celebratory.

The application finds your famous twins with just a one input of your face photo. It is easy simple to use and full of fun entertainment.

The automatic face location technology is great and reorganization technique makes it more interesting. You can share the result with your friends which make them jealous.

This application has English, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Traditional/ Simplified Chinese, German.

Celebtwin current version 6.1 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above.

Celeb you look alike:

Celeb You Look alike is a application which directly deduct your face from your smart gadgets and match your celebratory twins online. This application has no much option but the simple way to directly get the celebrity matches.

This application introduce as a twin face celebration detector at all around the world. It can deduct the present celebratory as well as the history celebrity.

Celeb You Look alike current Android 4.1 or above is supported with app version 1.1


Like Star: get celebrity face:

Like Star is the best application which gives more than 50% of Hollywood star matches and the famous sportsman and a politician or other celebrity.

There is a easy steps to have a famous celebrity face only you have to add your photo and choose the name of celebrity in filter and adjust the level of alikeness from 0% to 100%.

This simple but interesting format makes it easier and interesting and awesome results on your face.

This application will surprise your friends when they get you look alike a celebrity. You can save your photo share it or print it will create full of fun.

This application provides the high quality of photo then every other app.

Like Star current Android 4.2 or above is supported with app version 1.0.12

Celeb You Look a-Like:

This application is full of entertainment based which can easily be access and operate.

The apps get the celebratory news and events. It also provide to give you patch between your current location and event location.

Updated on Jun 21, 2017 and the Version is 2.2. The total size of this application is 40.5 MB. Celebalike you apps provide the English language.

Celeb You Look alike current version 2.2 is compatible with the iOS 8.0 or above and current Android 2.3 or above is supported with app version 1.0.5

My Twin Celeb:

My Twin Celeb is the application which matches your twin in a big star and makes you surprise including your friends and family.

People always tell you that you remained them and this is why the developer resolves your question to solution.

This application is operated in a very simple way with the step of download the app and take a picture of your or upload from your database gallery then the application will show you to whom you look alike and you can share the result of your to your friends if you like it and have fun.

My Twin Celeb current Android 4.1 or above is supported with app version 1.0.4



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