Flashlight Apps | Download free APK for Android

Flashlight  Apk: Hello, guys I have guide for most popular and very simple or very useful app flashlight app. Are looking for an excellent flashlight app for your Android device?   You are here at a perfect place to get your best Flashlight App. Get the brightest fastest, and most feature rich flashlight app that uses the built-in camera LED Flash and provides the brightest light as possible. You won’t usually have a flashlight on hand for those rare moments when you need to sift through the dark.

Download free APK for Android

This Flashlight App is the one of the best available Flashlight app for an android device which makes the utility of the flashlight of your mobile phone camera to the next level. Everyone knows that the use of flash light is to generate a flash while clicking a snap with a mobile phone. And now most of the people manufacturer has made an arrangement to use this brightest flashlight as a torch light. So whenever you feel a need of torch light you can use your flashlight for this purpose.

If your device doesn’t have flash feature, then you can use the white screen light mode. Strobe light effects with smooth speed control menu. Flashlight is small application that, once installed, will let you transform your Android device in a complete flashlight full of possibilities. The user interface is elegant design, simple and the most beautiful of all flashlight apps.

Flashlight Apps | Download free APK for Android

Flashlight Apps very common and know words to everyone but its utility is very significant. This the only reason that every mobile phone manufacturer no matter it is a Smartphone or other mobile phone providing the flashlight with on their device. Now the always question is if the torchlight facility is already with in my phone then why should I go for download Flashlight Apps. And I can suggest the best answer their problem. The first thing all mobile phone manufacturers do not provide a dedicated key for the torch light on their phone. You will always get the light of same intensity either you required low-intensity light or high-intensity light.

Features of Flashlight Apps

  • Very bright light
  • Extremely fast On-Off light toggling
  • Most beautiful, straightforward and elegant user interface of all flashlight apps
  • Torchlight in Dark
  • Strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller
  • Built-in SOS flashlight signal
  • Blinking Light effect with speed control
  • Inbuilt Compass available with Flashlight Apps
  • Use phone camera flashlight and screen light
  • Free and secure to use


How to download & Install Flashlight apps

The most important are you can excite to the how to download and install? Here you can download the world most famous and used flashlight Apps for free from the download link given below.

Direct Download Link:


Download Flashlight apps APK Click Here

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Download Google Play Store Then Click Here

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I have provided the just share small instruction for how to flashlight install on your Android device. Follow the steps below carefully to install the Flashlight for Android file using manager in Android phones. Step by Step follow instruction and use for the darkest moment to brightest on the torch.

  • Step 1: First of all, download the Apk file for Flashlight. If you can download directly then just click on the above-given link.
  • Step 2: Downloaded from flashlight apk. Wait for downloaded process completion.
  • Step 3: Then after downloaded your apk file is your Android device “file manager.”
  • Step 4: Now on your phone, go to Settings> Security & Privacy> Check “Unknown sources” Tap OK on the warning. (Note: Unknown sources are always setting but not confirm that security & Privacy because currently new phone launch their settings are fingerprint or Privacy then don’t thinking and establish here).
  • Step 5: Connect your phone to the PC and transfer the Flashlight apk file anywhere on your SD card or phone memory.
  • Step 6: Disconnect from PC and navigate through the app to your directory where the APK is transferred.
  • Step 7: Tap on the Flashlight apk file. A popup will show up. Now tap on the “Open App Manager.”
  • Step 8: Tap on the Install It will take you to the Android installation interface where it will show you the permissions required for the app. Tap “Install” again for the installation to begin. Then wait for a few minute to complete an installation.
  • Step 9: Click on “Open” button and launch flashlight apk.
  • Step 10: Done!

That’s it! The Flashlight apk for Android app is now installed on your phone!

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