FoxFi Key APK Download For android: Get Free WiFi Hotspot

Are you looking for how to get free WiFi Hotspot? Then here’s the best way to get by using FoxFi Key APK. Yes FoxFi Key APK For Android is one of the best options for you.

There are many Android phone users and have unlimited internet on their phone, so it would easy to use that data on PC, right? However, In the American careers like Sprint, Verizon or T-Mobile don’t want to use their data plan on devices other than your phone. So that’s why they block the option of Wi-Fi Hotspot also though Android has this feature.

Also, you can find on the internet there are some apps like FoxFi and PDANet+ that allow you to bypass that block but it’s not well to work for you. So Wouldn’t it be nice to have the FoxFi Key APK downloaded for free? So In this guide will show you how you can get FoxFi Key APK for free without needing to pay.

What about FoxFi Key App?

FoxFi Key is a simple app which helps you to unlock unlimited usage on their free app called PDANet+. On the whole, it workings like this. Here’s you can find how to download and install PDANet+ app on your Android phone from the Play Store.

Download FoxFi Key APK

FoxFi Key APK Download For android

Here’s free to download FoxFi Key APK

Download Now

How to Install

  1. First Download the APK file from the link given above.
  2. Now Open play store and search for PDANet+ or FoxFi and install it.
  3. Next To open the FoxFi or PDANet+ app and make sure it works on your phone. Only proceed if it works.
  4. And you will need to close the PDANet+ or FoxFi app from your phone and install the FoxFi Key APK.
  5. Go to Settings and navigate to security settings. Here you will need to look for an option called “Unknown Sources.”
  6. Tap to enable this feature and go back to the Downloads where you will find the FoxFi Key APK.
  7. Open the APK file, and installation Screen will show up. Simply follow the on-screen steps to complete the installation.
  8. After that go back and open the FoxFi app and it will show you that pro version is now unlocked.

Features of FoxFi Key App:

  • Limit user access.
  • Block unwanted users.
  • Bluetooth mode available.
  • USB Sharing mode available.
  • Highly Secured and Safe.
  • Create a WiFi Hotspot on any device.

How to use FoxFi Key APK?

The FoxFi works automatically. Just you need to install the the PDANet+ or FoxFi app from Google Play Store and then try it on your smartphone. Once you are sure that it is working for you. Then now you can use your internet everywhere.


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