Piano Tiles 2™ APK Download for Android and iOS

The Piano Tiles 2™ is a most popular every games for android and iOS. Also the game download around 500 million the world. The first Piano Tiles is a single-player mobile game launched by Umoni Studio, Hu Wen Zeng. and now you will get the Piano Tiles 2™ APK Download for Android and  iOS means to In 2016, more addition version to added pop music and new instruments.

If you haven’t already downloaded Piano Tiles 2, then it is time to join the addiction. This follow-up to the unique Piano Tiles game just asks that players tap black keys as they scroll by and nothing else. frequently you have to hold your finger on a key or tap two at once, but that’s about it. Tap anything that isn’t a black key and the round is over.

Piano Tiles 2 adds more music and key types than its predecessor, but what makes the game so much fun hasn’t been touched. The game’s song based levels are all brightly designed to instantly make you feel like you have mastered what needs to be done, but things quickly turn out of control forcing you to really up your game if you’re going to beat the hardest levels or even your high score.

While it’s easy to get dedicated to the action and find yourself spending hours tapping away at black keys in the hopes of hitting just a couple of more, the design of Piano Tiles 2 is built for only a few notes of play at a time. Your average song can be compressed in just a couple of minutes and from there it’s on to the infinite section where you see how many keys you can hit until failure.

What’s new in Piano Tiles 2?

  1. Piano Tiles 2 is about two years old! Come and book exclusive songs of the second anniversary at the ultra-low discount!
  2. There will be super packages from July 8 to July 16. Don’t miss the limited offer.
  3. New function about removing ads are added.


Piano Tiles 2™ game Features:

  • Charming piano soundtracks
  • Customizable playlist
  • More than 35 awesome game modes
  • Muti-color themes & dozens of color options
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Optimised for high resolution screen
  • Social network sharing

Game rules: 

Tap on the black tiles while listening to music. Avoid the white ones! Hurry now! Enjoy classical and pop music, challenge your friends, improve your tapping speed!. Compete with your friends and speed up your fingers!

Piano Tiles 2™ APK Download for Android

Piano Tiles 2™ APK Download for Android and iOS

Step 1: Download APK File.

Step 2: In case installation blocks go to your device settings -> security -> app configuration/management- > allow installation from “unknown sources”.

Step 3: Open the APK installer package.

Step 4: Follow the screen and install the Android apk.

Step 5: Done! Enjoy

Piano Tiles 2™ game Download for iOS:

Piano Tiles 2 is available free on the App Store for devices running iOS 7.0 or later. You’ll likely find that five minutes isn’t sufficient time with Piano Tiles 2 given how much there is to unlock and the many ways it lets you improve your efforts, but it’s a game that is at its very best when you just need something to pick up and play for the duration of those dull downtime moments we all face.

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