PokeSniper APK Download For Android or iOS

If you are looking for the best Pokémon go game hacking app, then really you can like to this app is called PokeSniper. PokeSniper is an app for Android, iOS device users to find and catch nearby Pokémon on your app. If you have scared about the soft banned, then don’t worry, PokeSniper APK for android is used for catching any rare Pokémon without getting a soft ban.

PokeSniper is a very popular helping platform for Pokémon Go fan because it helps them in a lot of ways to become the Pokémon go lovers by collecting the rare Pokémon.

pokesniper apk

Pokesniper Features:

PokeSniper has lots of features that help players find more Pokémon’s, catch them and improve their reputation among other players. The key features of PokeSniper are briefly explained below.

  • It is available across platforms so you can use it to get your desired Pokemon on ay devices you like such as iOS, Android or even PC.
  • You can locate the exotic Pokemon’s that are in your area and find their exact coordinates with Pokesniper.
  • You can teleport from any coordinate to any other just with the tap of a finger using Pokesnipers and catch the located pokemons without even having to walk.
  • Pokesniper is safe to use as compared to other similar programs and apps which helps the risk of their users getting soft banned and losing their Pokemon’s.

Download PokeSniper For Android

Step 1: Download Pokesniper APK file for android

Step 2: Locate the downloaded APK using your file manager and install it.

Step 3: If you face any trouble while installing PokeSniper APK on your android, navigate to Setting→security settings → and allow the option to “install” apps from unknown sources.

Step 4: The installation process will not take long, open the app on your device and snipe free Pokémon and app them to your awesome collection!

Download PokeSniper for IOS

Requires minimum iOS 8.0 or later. PokeSniper is comfortable with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Step 1: First of all turn on your Internet connection or use Wi-Fi

Step 2: Download iOS File.

Step 3: Tap on “Install” when the installation dialogue box appears.

Step 4: Settings will open automatically, tap on “Install” again and fill in your password if you need to and tap on “Done”.

Step 5: Open PokeSniper on your iOS device and snipe exotic Pokémon easily for free!

How to use Pokesniper Apk?

Let’s check out how to use PokeSniper apk and how to catch any rare Pokémon without getting a soft ban.

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the Pokesniper Apk, install it and open it.

Step 2: When you open the app, you might be asked to accept the Apk agreement. Press “OK” or “Cancel.”

Step 3 Now, open the menu and press “Accounts” tab

Step 4: In the “Accounts” page Press “Add Account.

PokeSniper apk

Step 5: Enter your Pokémon Go trainers club login credentials or if you play Pokémon Go using your Google account add the credentials and also turn “ON” the Google A/c button.


Set your exact location lat, long coordinates, by doing this you’ll avoid soft ban (Pokémon Fled).
                                            For Eg: 36.778261,-119.417932

Step 6: After Press Save button.
Step 7: Now go back to the menu and press “Hunt Coordinates.”


Step 8: Click on “Pokesnipers” and copy the coordinates of your favorite Pokémon.

PokeSniper apk download

Step 9: Now, go to the home page of the app and add select your saved A/c and below it select the Pokémon you want to snipe and insert the coordinates of that Pokémon.

PokeSniper apk

Step 10: After then, Press the button “Snipe Those Bitches“.

I hope, This is our guide to share pokesniper apk file so you can enjoy pokemon go game more efficiently. If you still have any doubt about pokesniper app then share with us in the comment section below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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