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Samsung’s new Gear Fit smartwatch, fitness band combo is a pretty impressive little device. The Samsung Gear Fit Manager application connects Samsung Gear Fit to your mobile device.

Samsung Gear Fit is a smart-watch capable of monitoring your health on the fly. In this post, you will get your health goal, via an Android application, the application which senses your heart beat rate to accumulate the rate of burn calories and eating calories, very helpful and useful. Gear Fit Manager app got sensors on the back of the phone, which senses the heartbeat and analyze the working out or speed of your exercise.

Very informative and useful application, thousands of the people are using the application, you can get to know the diet plan of yours put your weight and put your future goal, it will tell you the routine workout and diet plans to get perfect shape within the time frame.

When you download Samsung Gera Fit Manager app (apk) and install the app on your device, it lets you pair your Samsung Android phone with your Samsung Gear Fit device and then you can monitor several health related stats n the go. Some of its features are listed here.

At the end of this post, we have given you a download link to download this application, as you know, this application you are downloading manually, so you can scroll down and see the download section.

Features of Samsung Gear Fir Manager

  • Heart Rate Monitor: Samsung Gear Fit has an inbuilt heart beat rate monitor that keeps monitoring the beating rate of your heart and lets you know how hard you are working out. The device’s sensor, that keeps an eye on the beat rate of your heart, is highly accurate and sensitive and it is located at the back of the device.
  • Fitness Coach: Samsung Gear Fit comes with an inbuilt, personalized fitness coach that keeps monitoring your activities during workouts.
  • Calorie Burn Counter: Yes, Samsung Gear Fit has the capability to monitor how many calories have you burnt in a particular day. It combines above discussed tools to first evaluate your exercise rate and then it counts the burnt calories. In such a way. Samsung Gear Fit helps you stay fit easily without any expert’s advice.
  • Clock setting
  • Weather
  • Notification
  • Phone call
  • GPS and Tracking Feature
  • Easy plug and play for Bluetooth Connection

How to Download & Install Samsung Gear Fit Manager APK for Android

So, guys I hope you can read the post and you will be satisfied, and if you are download this apk on your android device then click on below link and enjoy the Samsung Gear Fit Manager app for Samsung device. But, Samsung Gear Fit supports selected Samsung devices running Android 4.3 or higher. Your device also must have a minimum RAM of 1 GB in order to let the work perfectly. If your device meets the requirements, then follow these steps to install Samsung Gear Fit on your device.

  • Step 1: First of all Download Samsung Gear Fit Manager APK or Google Play Store (Note: Just one click and download the apk in your device)
  • Step 2: Transfer the APK file to your phone if you used your PC to download it
  • Step 3: Open the APK file there on your phone (you need to check Unknown Source in your device’s security settings in order to install apps from APK files)
  • Step 4: Install Gear Fit Manager app on your device and launch it
  • Step 5: when launched, it will search and find your Samsung Gear Fit device
  • Step 6: Pair with and then start monitoring your workouts and your health
  • Step 7: Done & Enjoy!

Now, successfully installed Samsung Gear Fit Manager on your android device, so guys enjoy and Get the app for free now and pair your fitness coach to your Android device and start becoming slim and smart! I am sure you are 100% clear about this article, in case if you have any doubt then post your comments below. Don’t’ forget to share this article, Thank You.

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