Snapchat APK Download for Android (Latest APK of 2017)

If you have to download the latest version of Snapchat apk for android then in this article to explain how to download and install Snapchat APK file on android device. First let’s check some explanation to introduce about to Snapchat.

What is a snapchat?

snapchat apk

The snapchat is a Smartphone app that can be sending or receives the messages. And using this app through we can take a fun type photographs and that they can see for a few seconds before they disappear forever, without a trace on either of your phones.

The mode the application works is very simple: take a picture, add text to the image if you want, select the amount of time that the image will be available for, and send it to whoever you want. It’s that easy.

Snapchat is a very useful app for all Smartphone users and also communicating with your friends quickly, easily, and visually. At the end of the day, why send a lot of text when you can make yourself clear with a single picture instead?

What’s a new in latest Snapchat APK?

snapchat apk

They’ve been working on upgrading the app for a good while and have just announced a new feature that might well give it a breath of new life: a new search engine for public Stories. While this year’s hottest app was coasting its way into the coveted leading spot in popularity among youngsters, Instagram was dazedly playing catch up adding new features quite.

At this point, it seemed like Snapchat was fine cruising along without releasing any new features until after the New Year, but surprisingly enough; as of today a fine new ally for group communication was released with the premiere of group chats for up to 16 people right from within the popular ghost-adorned app.

Snapchat Features:

There are many features that you can use with Snapchat. We will discuss them briefly and how to use them in this section of the article.

snapchat apk

  • Creating Snaps:
    • You can click pictures and shoot videos using your phone camera which is known as snaps. Add captions easily in the pictures which appear in the form of a bar on top of the snap.
    • There is the option where you can draw or doodle on the snaps using a pencil tool available in the app. You can even add filters and amazing hues to your snaps. So no need to use different photo editing apps.
    • Before sending it to anybody you can set the time limit and choose how long the receiver can view your snap.
  • Sending and receiving snaps:
    • You can send the snap you have created to any number of people you want. Be it just a single one, a group of your friends or the bulk of your followers. After the recipient has viewed the snap, it gets deleted once and for all.
    • People from your contact list can send you snaps which you can easily see on snapchat app. Just tap and hold on their name and you will be able to see their snap for a predefined amount of time.
  • Stories:
    • Stories can be in the form of photos or videos. You can post them to your feed and your friends can view them easily. They exist for 24 hours and can be replayed any time you want.
    • Moreover, you can view the stories of your friends by clicking on their usernames and you can select from a menu of their published stories.
  • Live Chat:
    • Not only can you share snaps with each other, but you can also have a real time conversation with your friends. As soon you leave the chat screen, the conversation is cleared. You can save your chats by screenshot or by saving them manually.
  • Live Video Chat:
    • When you are using Snapchat at the same time as your friend then you can start a live video chat with them. To do this press the camera button at the same time your friend does.

Download Snapchat APK for Android

snapchat apk download

  1. Download apk file.
  2. Locate the downloaded Snapchat APK file using a file manager on your device.
  3. Make sure you’re allowing app installation from “Unknown Sources”.
  4. Install the Snapchat APK on your Android Smartphone.
  5. Once the installation is completed open the Snapchat and take a Snap and send to your BFF.


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