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Hey, guys, I am here with an amazing guide. The guide is all about Viper4Android FX. So guys if you are searching for Installation guide of Viper4Android then you landed on right place.

Viper4Android FX – Viper audio is a sound equalizer. It is the best android mode which let you change the function of your android device, function means in the case of sound. Viper4Android is the best audio mode and only workable on the rooted android device.

Viper4Android FX Apk Download

Viper4Android is a free and an advanced sound equalizer/audio effects booster for Android devices and works with root access only. Viper4Android provides all types of customization to make the sound suitable to your needs. If your music lover and have a rooted device then Viper4Android is recommended. There is two variant of Viper4Android: FX and XHiFi is an older version which isn’t developed anymore but has amazing audio reconstruction capabilities. FX, on the other hand, has at least three times as many options and features as XHiFi without the audio reconstruction. The great thing about Viper4Android and XHiFi is that they can work in conjunction since they install and run separate audio drivers.

Viper4Android is audio enhancing software to provide everyone with better audio experiences in various platforms such as Smartphone. I think you may know about the Dolby digital sound. This is also advanced sound equalizer but it supports in some device and some device support Viper4Android. But Viper4Android FX is the great app which supports on any android phone. If users have a device below 4.0 then it will work fine like a charm. Suppose you have 2.3 old version android then it will easily work on it. You don’t require any latest version of OS for a run.

If you want to use your Android in desired sound levels then this is the Perfect Article to guide yourself. Still, it is famous because this app has Pretty Sound Settings. This is the best tool for modulating sounds in our Entire Android Device. You can manage Entire Android Device sound systems via this App. First of all, you need to check some of the following features, App info then Go for Download & Install Steps.

App Info:

  • Name: Viper4Android FX.
  • Category: Sound Settings Manager for getting Better Effects.
  • Old Version:
  • New Version:
  • Supported Version:3 to above


Check out your Compatibility before going to get downloads & installs this. So, find your device version is Available in it or not. If it okay then goes further steps:

Android Version 2.3 to 7.0

Features of Viper4Android FX:

  • Now, everybody enjoys with HiFi sound System on Headset.
  • You can make music files with the lossless good output.
  • Speaker Optimization.
  • Channel Pan.
  • Differential surround sound effects.
  • Auditory System Protection (Cute Tech+).
  • FX Compatibility Mode that supports many music players.
  • Dynamic Bass System: creates a dynamic effect in the bass.
  • Sound gain control.

How to Download & Install Viper4Android FX APK

We have already discussed in detail for Viper4Android is what? And I can suggest how to download and Install Viper4Android FX APK on Android device.

Just it requires the rooted device and little mind. This app requires busy box installation because some binary files are required for Viper4Android FX.

The download link and required files mentioned below download them and enjoy audio in HQ.

Download direct link:

  • If you want to download Viper4Android FX then Click Here DOWNLOAD

Image result for Viper4Android FX

Image result for download

Scan QR Code:

Viper4Android FX APK

How to install busy box in any android

If you want to install this app then busy box must be installed on your android Smartphone otherwise this Viper4Android will not work on your device. Follow the installation guide for busy box

  • First of all download the busy box from play store
  • Download it and install it in your phone
  • Make sure you are connected via the internet
  • Now open busy box app and click on install button located below in left side
  • Click on it and wait for few moments, it will ask for root permission simply grant it
  • After downloading all required binary files it will say installation complete.
  • Finally, you have installed the busy box successfully on your device. Now head over to how to install viper4android guide which is mentioned below. Follow it and take a fun of music.

How to install Viper4android FX on any Android device

Download the required files from above and start flashing this file. Here we have mentioned about how to install Viper4Android FX on any Android device. Just it requires a rooted device and custom recovery. That’s all and now moves to the steps.

  • First of all, you have to download the viper4android file from above requirements (download the Viper4Android Apk is link given above)
  • Download it and install it on your Android phone
  • Now open the app and it will ask about update driver options, simply click on yes. And wait for some seconds
  • After this, it will ask for root permission and pop will come on screen, simply click on grant button to give root permissions. Now the driver loading has started, wait for few movement
  • Now the successful message will display after completing the driver installation
  • It’s time to reboot your device and enjoy the music in HQ quality. Also, I have seen many cases in which they said that the busy box installation problem then I will say on one thing. This could be a reason of root permission. Firstly check your device with root checker app and then start the installation of busy box app.
  • Done! Enjoy

Because viper4android FX will work if your phone will properly root otherwise it won’t work.

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